How Hiring Seasonal Employees Can Help Your Bottom Line

Hiring seasonal employees isn’t just for seasonal companies. Most companies have busy seasons and slow seasons, and they stand to highly benefit from the proper use of temporary employees who are needed for short-term periods. Below are some of the advantages to utilizing temporary employment terms:

Lower payroll costs

Payroll is obviously a huge business expense, especially when you attempt to maintain the same amount of peak season employees through your slow times also. By only retaining the extra employees during your busy season, your business only incurs those payroll expenses during that season.

Reduce risk and worry

Hiring a new employee is always a risk. Will they be a hard worker? Are they reliable? When you use a staffing service, you won’t be stuck with an unlucky pick; you can simply call the service and ask for someone who is a better fit!

Trial employment

Use your peak season to test out possible future full-time employees! If you like a temporary worker during your busy months, you can offer them a permanent position on your year-round crew. And for employees who don’t work out, let them go at the end of the season.

Give a Tiger Labor & Staffing a call to determine how we can help with your seasonal staffing needs!

With Tiger Labor & Staffing you have the added benefits of:

  • No fee for hiring permanent (after 45 calendar days)
  • No Worker’s Comp Insurance or Payroll Tax cost!
  • Hassle Free recruiting (we handle it all!)

Scheduling Holiday Vacations Without Breaking Stride

How to let your employees enjoy holiday vacations, without breaking stride

Staying focused and productive throughout the holiday season is tough enough as an entrepreneur. With employees, managing their leave requests and time off can be an extra difficult holiday challenge.

Here are a few tips that may help ease the burden:

Require all leave requests be turned in early
Set a date before the season starts, to have all employees’ leave requests turned in. This way, you can make your holiday work schedules all at once instead of one request at a time, saving you a big headache.

Communicate “no miss” dates For the days and shifts when you need all hands on deck, let your employees know that as soon as possible — before leave requests are due. If you are upfront about your scheduling expectations from the beginning, you can avoid difficult conversations later.

If you have an employee who is the only one that knows how to handle a certain task, make sure they’ve trained coworkers on how to accomplish it before their vacation.

Explain schedule policy to holiday hires
Whenever hiring temporary workers to help for the holiday season, be up front with them about what you expect time-wise. If they’re going to be available the entire season, move on; don’t bring on people that are just going to increase your stress!

Is your holiday season a bit unpredictable?? Call Tiger Labor & Staffing today to discuss your possible holiday needs! We’ll work together with you to come up with a plan to keep things running!

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Tiger Labor & Staffing – October bulletin – “No Shows”

Interviewee “No Shows” is a serious issue being faced by all companies, especially now. After all the time and work has been put in to reviewing resumes, calling applicants, and setting up interviews, you get the dreaded email or call: my car won’t start, family emergency, sick or a 100 other seemingly fake excuses.

Below are a few ideas that may help:

  1. Develop relationships with candidates. Earn the trust of candidates by building a positive rapport and remaining in touch over longer periods of time.
  2. Do not exaggerate. Be honest while providing your company details.
  3. Understand why candidates are looking for a job change, their long-term career goals and determine if they are genuinely interested in the job.
  4. Remain in touch with the candidate on a periodic basis. This is a good way to get feedback if they are going to be a no-show candidate.
  5. Accept that the hiring market for good candidates is competitive and you will have no shows even if you follow all the best practices.

If the interviewing and recruiting has become a burden, let us at Tiger Labor & Staffing do the leg work and have a no-fee hire after 45 days of employment!
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Why staffing and recruiting is so important for your bottom line

Why staffing and recruiting is so important for your bottom line

  1. Turnover costs

High rates of turnover are not good for business. It can cause reduced employee morale, from both overworked employees, to new overwhelmed employees.

High turnover can also become a big strain on the company’s output. Processes are not implemented with the same energy as they are at a business that has a low rate of employee turnover. The expense of constantly recruiting and training new staff is too high to allow turnover to become a part of your company’s routine.

  1. Better results in the right pick

Picking the right hire is important to the overall company culture which should provide inspiration, motivation, and add to the overall goals of your company. Whereas the wrong pick can be a drain on your team.

Your productivity is maximized when you ensure that your hiring process is quick and effective. This in turn saves your company a lot of time, since many different people are involved in the hiring and firing process, outside of just the hiring manager.

  1. Improve your employer brand

When you have the right recruiting strategy and are picking good team members, your company’s reputation in the recruiting sector will vastly improve. When your current employees are greatly benefitting from your new hires and the new hires are coming into a positive environment, word will travel fast that your company is a great place to work!

  1. Try using a local staffing service

Tiger Labor & Staffing does the recruiting, interviewing, onboarding, insurance, and payroll; freeing you up from the time and costs associated with the hiring process!

Utilize our 45 day waiting period to make sure the candidate is a perfect fit before permanently hiring them onto your payroll. This ensures that you have thoroughly screened your new hire before employing; vastly reducing the paperwork, headache, and costs associated with turnover!

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Tips for Reviewing Resumes

Tips for Reviewing Resumes

As recruiting new hires becomes more and more difficult, the ability to accurately screen resumes in order to increase your odds of finding the right one is crucially important. Although most experts agree that “gut instinct” is often a necessary tool in finding your right candidate, below are a few pointers that may help streamline your recruiting process:

Don’t overthink it. First, simply tell yourself that your goal of screening resumes is to decide whether to move a candidate forward to an initial short phone interview, or reject them.

Verify. Make sure that every skill that you require (and they say they have) is proven with job experience and references.

Stay focused. Make sure not to ponder over candidates that don’t even meet your minimum qualifications.

Narrow down. After initial phone interview, make an objective short list based on skills (and of course your impression).

As you spend more and more resources on recruiting and retaining top talent, let Tiger Labor & Staffing give you a hand! Whether it’s allowing us to recruit and staff your temporary/high turnover positions, or having us do the leg work to recruit and screen your next team member, we are ready to serve you. Give us a call or send us a web request today!

Thriving Despite Uncertainty

While we are all trying to keep ourselves and those around us safe, we are also now trying to reconcile this concern for safety with a need for productivity. We at Tiger Labor & Staffing specialize in working directly with our clients to provide them with the support they need to get work done. Below are some reminders about trying to maintain productivity during these uncertain times.

Be Flexible

While carefully advancing back into full production, it is important to be able to be fluid in your staffing stance. Glimmers of hope may provoke over-hiring, but shadows of uncertainty may cause your company to be understaffed when opportunity knocks. Knowing exactly who you must have on your team, through good and bad, is a key component to readiness. Designate positions that are auxiliary and allow Tiger Labor & Staffing to manage those roles.

Limit Overhead

Keep your expenses down to prepare for uncertain financial times. Being lean will also help your team to focus on true profit-increasing investments. Utilize different hiring agreements than usual that give you more control over hours, pay, and contract period. Tiger Labor can provide the extra help you need only when you need it, reducing unnecessary employment expenses.

Retain a staffing partner

Tiger Labor & Staffing is here to discuss your personnel needs and concerns. We will consult anytime, without charge, and help you decide if and how we can help. We will alleviate many of your day-to-day stresses by handling the scheduling, payroll, and day-to-day HR responsibilities; helping you streamline and get work done. There are no account setup or retaining fees, so give us a call today!


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