Why staffing and recruiting is so important for your bottom line

  1. Turnover costs

High rates of turnover are not good for business. It can cause reduced employee morale, from both overworked employees, to new overwhelmed employees.

High turnover can also become a big strain on the company’s output. Processes are not implemented with the same energy as they are at a business that has a low rate of employee turnover. The expense of constantly recruiting and training new staff is too high to allow turnover to become a part of your company’s routine.

  1. Better results in the right pick

Picking the right hire is important to the overall company culture which should provide inspiration, motivation, and add to the overall goals of your company. Whereas the wrong pick can be a drain on your team.

Your productivity is maximized when you ensure that your hiring process is quick and effective. This in turn saves your company a lot of time, since many different people are involved in the hiring and firing process, outside of just the hiring manager.

  1. Improve your employer brand

When you have the right recruiting strategy and are picking good team members, your company’s reputation in the recruiting sector will vastly improve. When your current employees are greatly benefitting from your new hires and the new hires are coming into a positive environment, word will travel fast that your company is a great place to work!

  1. Try using a local staffing service

Tiger Labor & Staffing does the recruiting, interviewing, onboarding, insurance, and payroll; freeing you up from the time and costs associated with the hiring process!

Utilize our 45 day waiting period to make sure the candidate is a perfect fit before permanently hiring them onto your payroll. This ensures that you have thoroughly screened your new hire before employing; vastly reducing the paperwork, headache, and costs associated with turnover!

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