Thriving Despite Uncertainty

While we are all trying to keep ourselves and those around us safe, we are also now trying to reconcile this concern for safety with a need for productivity. We at Tiger Labor & Staffing specialize in working directly with our clients to provide them with the support they need to get work done. Below are some reminders about trying to maintain productivity during these uncertain times.

Be Flexible

While carefully advancing back into full production, it is important to be able to be fluid in your staffing stance. Glimmers of hope may provoke over-hiring, but shadows of uncertainty may cause your company to be understaffed when opportunity knocks. Knowing exactly who you must have on your team, through good and bad, is a key component to readiness. Designate positions that are auxiliary and allow Tiger Labor & Staffing to manage those roles.

Limit Overhead

Keep your expenses down to prepare for uncertain financial times. Being lean will also help your team to focus on true profit-increasing investments. Utilize different hiring agreements than usual that give you more control over hours, pay, and contract period. Tiger Labor can provide the extra help you need only when you need it, reducing unnecessary employment expenses.

Retain a staffing partner

Tiger Labor & Staffing is here to discuss your personnel needs and concerns. We will consult anytime, without charge, and help you decide if and how we can help. We will alleviate many of your day-to-day stresses by handling the scheduling, payroll, and day-to-day HR responsibilities; helping you streamline and get work done. There are no account setup or retaining fees, so give us a call today!


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Tiger Labor – Covid 19 – Public Safety Procedures

Attention Tiger Labor & Staffing Clients and Employees,

As we receive more information regarding COVID-19, Tiger Labor is dedicated to taking proactive steps to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. I would like to go ahead and inform you of some strategies that we are taking to maintain business operations in a safe workplace.

We encourage all employees in house and or temp workers to stay home if they are sick. Please notify Tiger Labor immediately in the event that you have the following symptoms: cough, fever, sore throat, runny nose, or experience shortness of breath.

We will clean and disinfect the following:
1. Conference rooms after each use.
2. The lobby starting At least 3xs a day (morning, afternoon, and closing)
3. Copy machine and work table
4. Desks and break area
5. Bathroom (morning and afternoon)
5. PPE upon distribution and receiving back

In order to limit the possible spread of the virus, we will be closing our lobby. Our new sign-in, dispatch, and application procedure will be:
• Employees will be called and scheduled for jobs by telephone the afternoon before.
• Employees will arrive at Tiger Labor 1 hour before job start time to receive work ticket and required PPE at front door.
• Instead of coming to register availability in person in the mornings, workers must call between 5:45 am and 6:15 am to inform Tiger Labor of their availability to work.
• Applicants seeking employment may send us their resume on our website at and will be contacted to complete registration if a position becomes available to them.

We will continue to monitor the situation moving forward and change our procedures as needed. Please stay tuned more information as this situation evolves and call our office at (225) 275-8437 if you need further information.

Tiger Labor & Staffing Management

Spring Cleaning your Business

Spring Cleaning your Business
Here are a few tips for clearing the clutter and streamlining your organization:

Clear out the clutter!

Clutter negatively affects your ability to focus and process information. Each time you search for a tool or a piece of paper you interrupt workflow and your focus is lost. It may only be a few minutes here and there, but it adds up. Spring cleaning your business is especially important for companies that ramp up in spring and summer!

Get rid of excess inventory!

Spring cleaning your business presents a great opportunity to reorganize your stockroom to clear out excess inventory and review your purchasing practices to make sure you aren’t buying more than you can sell.

Hire some help!

If you’re committed to a thorough cleaning, you may want to call an expert help to make sure nothing is overlooked. It’s not unusual for people to hire housekeepers, tree-trimmers, landscapers and other service providers to enhance spring cleaning.

With the start of Spring, there is always a change in the business season as well. It is time to start planning.

Whether it is for a day or a week, Tiger Labor & Staffing can help fill in the gaps and assist with additional tasks that the Spring my bring!


Workplace Communication

Good communication is essential in attaining productivity and keeping solid relationships at all levels of an organization. Employers who invest time and energy into providing clear lines of communication will develop trust among employees, leading to an increase in productivity and overall morale. Meanwhile, employees who communicate well with colleagues, managers and customers are always valuable assets to an organization. Here are a few ways to improve communication in the office:

Define goals and expectations – Managers need to deliver clear, achievable goals to both teams and individuals, outlining exactly what is required on any given project, and ensuring that all staff are aware of the objectives of the project, the department and the organization as a whole.

Keep everyone involved – Ensure that lines of communication are always kept open. Actively seek and encourage progress reports and project updates. This is particularly important when dealing with remote staff.

Listen and show empathy – Communication is a two-way process and no company or individual will survive without listening and encouraging dialogue with the other party. Listening shows respect and allows you to learn about any outstanding issues you may need to address as an employer.

Clearly deliver your message – Ensure your message is clear and accessible to your intended audience. To do this it is essential that you speak plainly and politely, getting your message across without causing confusion.

Don’t let temporary staffing needs gum up your lines of communication, give Tiger Labor & Staffing a call to discuss how we can help make your goals achievable!

Tips on Enjoying the Holidays (and staying productive!)

The Holiday Season can be a complicated time in the workplace. All of the parties, gift exchanges, and celebrations can get in the way of normal work duties; sometimes resulting in a loss of productivity. Below are a few tips that might help this holiday season!

  • Keep holiday gift-giving reasonable!
    • Consider doing a gift-swap type of game, with a reasonable $ cap, for folks to volunteer for. This type of exchange will help to concentrate the gift giving to one block of time and limit the amount of commotion that comes from so many one to one exchanging!
  •  Don’t let the company party be a drag on your productivity!
    •  Holiday company festivities are a great way to wrap up the year and give back to your team, but many times this can lead to unwanted consequences like an unprofessional atmosphere or even worse: a tipsy atmosphere! This year, plan one single work party after hours and off premises! (Preferably on an evening where folks are off the next day, for recovery!)
  •  End the year on a positive note!
    •  As employees and managers are rushing to wrap up projects and prepare for the next year, the holidays can often be a stressful time. Take this time to recognize positive performances and exude a positive attitude about the year ahead!

The holidays can be a time where staffing gets complicated as personnel vie for their days or weeks off! Give Tiger Labor & Staffing a call to help cover those phones and fork-lifts while your team members take their much-needed vacations with friends and family! Request an Employee

How to Encourage Work-Life Balance

Attaining a positive work-life balance can become an increasingly difficult task for employees. But doing so can promote motivation, satisfaction, and overall well-being. Below are a few things that can enhance morale, leading to improved performance in your personnel.

Promote the Use of PTO
Time off can help boost productivity, but 70 percent of U.S. workers aren’t using their earned hours for reasons like “being too busy” or “returning” to piles of work,” Helping your team take time to reset and recharge is crucial in maintaining a healthy organization.

Embrace the Holiday Spirit
It is common to encounter more work-life conflicts during the holidays. But stress at the office can create burnout and negatively affect the holiday spirit. Make your workplace holiday experience a little more manageable, by configuring in vacation time and holiday hours when planning projects and performance goals.

Let Tiger Labor Help!
Whether it is for ta day or week, we can fill in gaps while your team members are away and assist with additional tasks the end of the year may bring. We can provide same day help for unskilled labor positions and skilled with a 24 hour notice.