Long Term Employees

Even for the most successful companies, a major challenge in the modern workforce is getting employees to be committed to long term employment (hopefully to retirement!).

One of the most telling signs that a candidate might not stay long is if your job offer is out-of-sync with their current career progression.

For example, a candidate that has 5 years of welding experience but is now applying for an entry level welder helper position with your company is making a marked downgrade that is out-of-sync with their career progression (and pay!). This candidate may indeed be telling you the truth about desiring the job your offering, but the reasons are probably short term. If you think you have the right candidate, but their career progression doesn’t line up, they might be a diamond in the rough…but more likely fools’ gold.

Though there are exceptions to every rule, the best bet for long term success is to search for a candidate that will value your job offering as a natural part of their career progression. For example, in the previous scenario; a previous welder helper would do great to apply to the lead welder position.

Although you can’t guarantee with certainty how a candidate will pan out, always remember to review how your job offering fits into their current (and future!) career progression. Stay positive, there is always someone out there that will see your job offering as the next move on their career path!

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Many are Pessimistic about how AI will affect Employment

As artificial technology (AI) continues to works it’s way further into the personal and work fabric of America, 74% of adults believe that AI will cause unemployment to rise, according to the latest American Staffing Association Workforce Monitor® online survey conducted by The Harris Poll.

With the exponential increases in work-related AI tools in recent months, many people are excited about the benefits it brings, but many also believe that further advancements in automation may threaten their opportunities for employment.

Seventy-four percent of Americans believe increased automation will lead to higher unemployment by taking jobs away from humans. The survey also found that nearly half (47%) of all employed Americans feel automation could easily replace their jobs.

“Workers are trying to figure out what the rise of artificial intelligence means for their careers,” said Richard Wahlquist, chief executive officer at the American Staffing Association. “Employers must take responsibility for helping their workforce navigate and evolve to meet rapid changes in the economy through training and upskilling. Further, it’s imperative that organizations communicate with employees as new AI technology is deployed to set expectations and provide transparency.”

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Streamline your Onboarding

  • Post your job publicly
    • Even if your company has a past history of hiring from within or advertising openings by word of mouth; post it publicly on a job board.
    • This gives the hiring manager a crucial moment of reflection while taking all of the understood expectations and requirements, and putting them on paper.
    • Of course, it opens the opportunity to meet new candidates and even advertise.
  • Conduct initial screen of resumes based on minimum requirements
    • Go ahead and reduce the amount of candidates to scrutinize by rejecting resumes that don’t have the required experience.
  • Get qualified candidates on the phone
    • The good ones on paper may not be so good, and the lackluster resumes may knock your socks off.
    • Regardless of whether you believe they may ultimately be the one you hire, give them the benefit of the doubt by talking to them on the phone.
  • Give qualified candidates that have passed your phone interview a task to complete
    • Before investing to much interest in a prospective employee, let candidates prove their interest and work ethic by showing up on time and completing a task; whether it be completing a paper application, or showing up for an interview.
    • Your pool will definitely shrink down to the good ones once all the no-shows and poor performers show themselves.

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Hiring Fast

Companies want vacant positions filled as quickly as possible. The two main reasons for wanting to hire fast are: loss in productivity while the position remains unfilled, and the cost of recruiting.

Although the old adage of “taking your time” may sometimes be the right game plan; more often than not “striking while the iron is hot” is the more accurate state of mind for recruiting.

Some negatives of a slow recruiting timeline are:

  • The initial purpose-driven motivation you instilled in the recruiting team wears away as time goes on.
  • With little time-based pressure, recruiters invest less effort.
  • Applicants are exponentially less interested in an opportunity that doesn’t have quick feedback or a visible finish-line.
  • Candidates that you may have had in the pipeline are steadily siphoned off to other opportunities as the days go by.

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Getting Ghosted

In recruiting, even the best of us are getting sick of being ghosted by candidates! Below are some top reasons from the American Staffing Association about why we get “ghosted” by candidates, and suggestions on how we can improve!

  1. “Fishing from a fished-out pool”

The most popular job boards for candidates, are also the most popular for employers. The candidate you contacted is constantly distracted by several other job offers. Make sure your company has individualized job boards on your website or on social media to get individuals more focused on you.


  1. “You’re too slow”

Traditionally the intervals between application review processes, phone interviews, in-person interviews, and follow-up interviews was measured in days, or sometimes even weeks.

The modern job seeker is clicking from job to job in seconds, we need to make sure we have internal processes to reach out to candidates very quickly after their initial contact and move on our chosen candidates as fast as professionally possible.

  1. “They’re just not motivated”

If this is a candidate with a resume that looks like a good fit; don’t just process them, recruit them! Ask for further information about their career goals, and give back motivation regarding the incentives of the particular position.

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