The Repercussions of a Bad Hire

The damage resulting from a bad hire include: wasted time, decreased staff morale and productivity, and increased stress on that person’s manager.

To help avoid making a bad hire, keep the following advice in mind:

Ground yourself to the hiring criteria.
Think of your original criteria and your framework. Basically, that’s what should keep you in-bounds through your resume review process. Anchoring yourself to the hiring criteria helps prevent two of the most common pitfalls during the selection process for hiring:

Imbalanced: Becoming so enraptured by one particular aspect of a candidate — such as a particular credential or technical skill — that you allow that aspect to influence all your other judgments

Pure instinct: Hiring someone that reminds you of yourself, even if that candidate’s particular group of skills and abilities might not suit your open position.

​Of course, you have the option to adjust the hiring criteria at any point. But make sure you aren’t doing so simply to accommodate a specific candidate.

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4 Techniques to Find the Right Candidate

If you’re tired of searching for that next hire or feel like you’ve exhausted all your options, you may not have considered these 4 creative ways to find top talent – see below!

  1. Network with Past Employees

Past employees are usually in new workplaces related to your industry. Reach out to see if they know of anyone right for the job. Try to think of your former great employees, they’ll be able to spot equally talented candidates and send them your way.

  1. Staffing Agencies

A staffing agency like Tiger Labor & Staffing is one of the best ways to find the perfect fit. They specialize in job placement and will save you a great deal of time and resources by doing most of the legwork for you.

  1. Talk to Customers

Your customers are often your best advocates, and if one of them knows a candidate with the right qualifications, they may be able to refer them!

  1. Use Social Media

Social media isn’t just for selling your product. Use Instagram, Facebook, and any other platforms where you have a presence to sell your company to your customers. Advertise your job opening and do some initial vetting by checking out the profiles of those expressing interest.

Each of these tips may help you find the perfect fit for your opening, and if you’re reading this you’ve most likely spent lots of time trying to find the right candidate to no avail. With Tiger Labor & Staffing, selecting candidates for a job will be easier than ever. Save yourself time and find the right employee by contacting Tiger Labor & Staffing today!

Understaffed VS Overstaffed, Striking a Balance

How often do you look around and say “we’re slow right now” or “we can’t keep up”? These two situations are the tip of the staffing balancing iceberg. The resulting over-adjusting can leave you over or under-staffed.

  1. Overstaffed: You are proud that now you have all the help you could need, but there can be negative consequences such as:
    1. Not everyone is “busy working”, dollars spent per product produced results in lower ROI.
    2. Expectations per employee are reduced due to the reduced individual workload, leaving your employees as individuals less sharp on their skills.
    3. Who’s job is it anyway? Not enough workload to go around, so jobs get shared which can result in projects getting lost in the shuffle.
  2. Understaffed: You’re intention was to run lean & save on payroll, but now you have new headaches.
    1. The company sees a large rush job, but can’t bid on it because you don’t have the manpower.
    2. If anyone takes a vacation or is out sick, production and quality suffers dramatically.
    3. Constant tension from increased workloads causes morale to decline and mistakes to be made.

Plan as wisely and practically as possible for your company’s bottom line to avoid the pitfalls above. Then, to bring further stability, partner with Tiger Labor & Staffing as a tool for temporarily staffing up for the busy time of the year, or to bail you out on a big project!

New Year, New Culture!

New Year, New Culture!

In management, we are always trying to encourage our employees to act a certain way or change a certain behavior. Things like keeping on task, staying off cell phone, and treating customers great are sometimes hard to regulate. The common thread between all work behaviors is: motivation.

  • Kick off the new year by reviewing what metrics you want to improve; such as: gross sales, customer retention, or expense reduction.
  • Rally your team around the specifics of these goals, and set quarterly benchmarks. Establish rewards that will be given, such as company lunch outings or bonuses.
  • Once the goals and motivation has been clearly established, circle back to the negatives that you want to eliminate and list them in the meeting.
  • Remind your team of the policies and expectations already in place and how these new goals make it more important than ever to follow them.
  • Remember to make the goals achievable and the incentives desirable.

Don’t forget to utilize Tiger Labor & Staffing for your temporary or hard-to-fill positions, while optimizing your staff’s productivity, and good luck to you and your team in 2021!

How Hiring Seasonal Employees Can Help Your Bottom Line

Hiring seasonal employees isn’t just for seasonal companies. Most companies have busy seasons and slow seasons, and they stand to highly benefit from the proper use of temporary employees who are needed for short-term periods. Below are some of the advantages to utilizing temporary employment terms:

Lower payroll costs

Payroll is obviously a huge business expense, especially when you attempt to maintain the same amount of peak season employees through your slow times also. By only retaining the extra employees during your busy season, your business only incurs those payroll expenses during that season.

Reduce risk and worry

Hiring a new employee is always a risk. Will they be a hard worker? Are they reliable? When you use a staffing service, you won’t be stuck with an unlucky pick; you can simply call the service and ask for someone who is a better fit!

Trial employment

Use your peak season to test out possible future full-time employees! If you like a temporary worker during your busy months, you can offer them a permanent position on your year-round crew. And for employees who don’t work out, let them go at the end of the season.

Give a Tiger Labor & Staffing a call to determine how we can help with your seasonal staffing needs!

With Tiger Labor & Staffing you have the added benefits of:

  • No fee for hiring permanent (after 45 calendar days)
  • No Worker’s Comp Insurance or Payroll Tax cost!
  • Hassle Free recruiting (we handle it all!)

Scheduling Holiday Vacations Without Breaking Stride

How to let your employees enjoy holiday vacations, without breaking stride

Staying focused and productive throughout the holiday season is tough enough as an entrepreneur. With employees, managing their leave requests and time off can be an extra difficult holiday challenge.

Here are a few tips that may help ease the burden:

Require all leave requests be turned in early
Set a date before the season starts, to have all employees’ leave requests turned in. This way, you can make your holiday work schedules all at once instead of one request at a time, saving you a big headache.

Communicate “no miss” dates For the days and shifts when you need all hands on deck, let your employees know that as soon as possible — before leave requests are due. If you are upfront about your scheduling expectations from the beginning, you can avoid difficult conversations later.

If you have an employee who is the only one that knows how to handle a certain task, make sure they’ve trained coworkers on how to accomplish it before their vacation.

Explain schedule policy to holiday hires
Whenever hiring temporary workers to help for the holiday season, be up front with them about what you expect time-wise. If they’re going to be available the entire season, move on; don’t bring on people that are just going to increase your stress!

Is your holiday season a bit unpredictable?? Call Tiger Labor & Staffing today to discuss your possible holiday needs! We’ll work together with you to come up with a plan to keep things running!

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