Hiring seasonal employees isn’t just for seasonal companies. Most companies have busy seasons and slow seasons, and they stand to highly benefit from the proper use of temporary employees who are needed for short-term periods. Below are some of the advantages to utilizing temporary employment terms:

Lower payroll costs

Payroll is obviously a huge business expense, especially when you attempt to maintain the same amount of peak season employees through your slow times also. By only retaining the extra employees during your busy season, your business only incurs those payroll expenses during that season.

Reduce risk and worry

Hiring a new employee is always a risk. Will they be a hard worker? Are they reliable? When you use a staffing service, you won’t be stuck with an unlucky pick; you can simply call the service and ask for someone who is a better fit!

Trial employment

Use your peak season to test out possible future full-time employees! If you like a temporary worker during your busy months, you can offer them a permanent position on your year-round crew. And for employees who don’t work out, let them go at the end of the season.

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With Tiger Labor & Staffing you have the added benefits of:

  • No fee for hiring permanent (after 45 calendar days)
  • No Worker’s Comp Insurance or Payroll Tax cost!
  • Hassle Free recruiting (we handle it all!)

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