New Year, New Culture!

In management, we are always trying to encourage our employees to act a certain way or change a certain behavior. Things like keeping on task, staying off cell phone, and treating customers great are sometimes hard to regulate. The common thread between all work behaviors is: motivation.

  • Kick off the new year by reviewing what metrics you want to improve; such as: gross sales, customer retention, or expense reduction.
  • Rally your team around the specifics of these goals, and set quarterly benchmarks. Establish rewards that will be given, such as company lunch outings or bonuses.
  • Once the goals and motivation has been clearly established, circle back to the negatives that you want to eliminate and list them in the meeting.
  • Remind your team of the policies and expectations already in place and how these new goals make it more important than ever to follow them.
  • Remember to make the goals achievable and the incentives desirable.

Don’t forget to utilize Tiger Labor & Staffing for your temporary or hard-to-fill positions, while optimizing your staff’s productivity, and good luck to you and your team in 2021!

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