How often do you look around and say “we’re slow right now” or “we can’t keep up”? These two situations are the tip of the staffing balancing iceberg. The resulting over-adjusting can leave you over or under-staffed.

  1. Overstaffed: You are proud that now you have all the help you could need, but there can be negative consequences such as:
    1. Not everyone is “busy working”, dollars spent per product produced results in lower ROI.
    2. Expectations per employee are reduced due to the reduced individual workload, leaving your employees as individuals less sharp on their skills.
    3. Who’s job is it anyway? Not enough workload to go around, so jobs get shared which can result in projects getting lost in the shuffle.
  2. Understaffed: You’re intention was to run lean & save on payroll, but now you have new headaches.
    1. The company sees a large rush job, but can’t bid on it because you don’t have the manpower.
    2. If anyone takes a vacation or is out sick, production and quality suffers dramatically.
    3. Constant tension from increased workloads causes morale to decline and mistakes to be made.

Plan as wisely and practically as possible for your company’s bottom line to avoid the pitfalls above. Then, to bring further stability, partner with Tiger Labor & Staffing as a tool for temporarily staffing up for the busy time of the year, or to bail you out on a big project!

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