While we are all trying to keep ourselves and those around us safe, we are also now trying to reconcile this concern for safety with a need for productivity. We at Tiger Labor & Staffing specialize in working directly with our clients to provide them with the support they need to get work done. Below are some reminders about trying to maintain productivity during these uncertain times.

Be Flexible

While carefully advancing back into full production, it is important to be able to be fluid in your staffing stance. Glimmers of hope may provoke over-hiring, but shadows of uncertainty may cause your company to be understaffed when opportunity knocks. Knowing exactly who you must have on your team, through good and bad, is a key component to readiness. Designate positions that are auxiliary and allow Tiger Labor & Staffing to manage those roles.

Limit Overhead

Keep your expenses down to prepare for uncertain financial times. Being lean will also help your team to focus on true profit-increasing investments. Utilize different hiring agreements than usual that give you more control over hours, pay, and contract period. Tiger Labor can provide the extra help you need only when you need it, reducing unnecessary employment expenses.

Retain a staffing partner

Tiger Labor & Staffing is here to discuss your personnel needs and concerns. We will consult anytime, without charge, and help you decide if and how we can help. We will alleviate many of your day-to-day stresses by handling the scheduling, payroll, and day-to-day HR responsibilities; helping you streamline and get work done. There are no account setup or retaining fees, so give us a call today!


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