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Keep Your Workers from Resigning

Are you sick of your best employees leaving you? Experienced leaders know that high quality employees are hard to find, and even harder to retain. Once you hire a top notch employee, you should do everything in your power to ensure his or her long-term growth and success within your organization. Employees who strive to advance their careers generally seek continual guidance, professional development and mentorship. Establishing practices that encourage onsite learning, inspire your team and promote a culture of collaboration can be extremely influential in retaining high-quality employees.

Here are just some of the many ways you can improve your employee retention efforts and keep your best employees from quitting:

Provide regular performance evaluations.

Despite what many people may think, employees appreciate regular feedback about their progress. Conducting performance evaluations on a quarterly or yearly basis will give employees a benchmark to gauge how they’re doing and discuss any questions or concerns with their managers. Most importantly, these types of evaluations assess employees’ strengths and weaknesses, helping them identify areas in which they need to improve. This exercise not only helps each employee, but improves communication flow between your staff and their managers.

Offer bonuses or incentives for high performance.

Most employees who remain loyal to their companies are often motivated to stay in the long-term due to incentives and financial rewards. Employees who work hard and consistently go the extra mile expect to receive recognition in some form, whether it be an occasional bonus or day off from work. Implementing a rewards system can keep your high-performing employees focused and give them a reason to keep growing within your organization.

Provide professional development training.

Employees who perform at a high level are generally those who engage in regular professional development to improve their skills and gain new knowledge. Employees who are given access to professional learning tools and events such as webinars, industry workshops and conferences will appreciate the resources afforded to them and be more inclined to utilize these opportunities to grow within your organization.

Create a culture of communication.

There is nothing more unappealing to many employees than a workplace that lacks communication among its team. Establishing open lines of communication creates an environment in which employees feel comfortable voicing their thoughts and ideas. High-achieving employees expect this type of work atmosphere and will be inclined to seek work elsewhere if they feel restricted in expressing themselves.

Remember, your employees are your greatest asset. Don’t let them slip away! Being proactive about ensuring their job satisfaction will help you retain a committed and successful team.

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Tips to Prepare for Seasonal Hiring

With the start of fall, there is change in the business season as well. It is time to start planning!

Set Expectations

It is important to set the expectation with the employee that the work is temporary and to outline the terms of the job verbally and in writing.

Stability and Length of Assignment

Do your best to set a consistent, albeit temporary, schedule. Good workers may not stick around if they received 40 hours one week and only a few the next.


Offering higher wages or employee discounts can help when attracting quality season workers. Know what the competition is paying and be wiling to match that to help retain top talent. Small things like providing stocked snack areas and a stocked Keurig can really boost morale!

Long-Term Impact

Make it clear that although this is a temporary assignment, you are always on the lookout for your next great full-time team member. Conduct an exit interview and give high performers a referral letter for future use.

How Can We Help You?

Let Tiger Labor and Staffing help staff your temporary positions and avoid the hassle of of interviews, posting ads, and excess paperwork. We can provide reliable skilled and/or general laborers to make sure you have a stress-free holiday season.