Archives for November 3, 2023

Long Term Employees

Even for the most successful companies, a major challenge in the modern workforce is getting employees to be committed to long term employment (hopefully to retirement!).

One of the most telling signs that a candidate might not stay long is if your job offer is out-of-sync with their current career progression.

For example, a candidate that has 5 years of welding experience but is now applying for an entry level welder helper position with your company is making a marked downgrade that is out-of-sync with their career progression (and pay!). This candidate may indeed be telling you the truth about desiring the job your offering, but the reasons are probably short term. If you think you have the right candidate, but their career progression doesn’t line up, they might be a diamond in the rough…but more likely fools’ gold.

Though there are exceptions to every rule, the best bet for long term success is to search for a candidate that will value your job offering as a natural part of their career progression. For example, in the previous scenario; a previous welder helper would do great to apply to the lead welder position.

Although you can’t guarantee with certainty how a candidate will pan out, always remember to review how your job offering fits into their current (and future!) career progression. Stay positive, there is always someone out there that will see your job offering as the next move on their career path!

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