Archives for March 2, 2023

Vast Majority of Americans Prefer In-Person Job Interviews vs. Virtual

When interviewing for a new job, Americans overwhelmingly prefer an in-person meeting to a virtual format, according to the latest American Staffing Association Workforce Monitor® online survey conducted by The Harris Poll.

In total, 70% of all Americans prefer in-person job interviews, compared with 17% who favor video calls and only 9% who prefer audio-only calls.

“Job seekers may prefer to have the option to work remotely, but they still want to make their first impressions in person.,” said Richard Wahlquist, president and chief executive officer at the American Staffing Association.

Tiger Labor & Staffing knows that our clients are best served by us performing in-person interviewing and screening. As more staffing firms are running to become more and virtual, they risk losing touch with the candidates they are hired to screen.

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