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Tips on Enjoying the Holidays (and staying productive!)

The Holiday Season can be a complicated time in the workplace. All of the parties, gift exchanges, and celebrations can get in the way of normal work duties; sometimes resulting in a loss of productivity. Below are a few tips that might help this holiday season!

  • Keep holiday gift-giving reasonable!
    • Consider doing a gift-swap type of game, with a reasonable $ cap, for folks to volunteer for. This type of exchange will help to concentrate the gift giving to one block of time and limit the amount of commotion that comes from so many one to one exchanging!
  •  Don’t let the company party be a drag on your productivity!
    •  Holiday company festivities are a great way to wrap up the year and give back to your team, but many times this can lead to unwanted consequences like an unprofessional atmosphere or even worse: a tipsy atmosphere! This year, plan one single work party after hours and off premises! (Preferably on an evening where folks are off the next day, for recovery!)
  •  End the year on a positive note!
    •  As employees and managers are rushing to wrap up projects and prepare for the next year, the holidays can often be a stressful time. Take this time to recognize positive performances and exude a positive attitude about the year ahead!

The holidays can be a time where staffing gets complicated as personnel vie for their days or weeks off! Give Tiger Labor & Staffing a call to help cover those phones and fork-lifts while your team members take their much-needed vacations with friends and family! Request an Employee