• Post your job publicly
    • Even if your company has a past history of hiring from within or advertising openings by word of mouth; post it publicly on a job board.
    • This gives the hiring manager a crucial moment of reflection while taking all of the understood expectations and requirements, and putting them on paper.
    • Of course, it opens the opportunity to meet new candidates and even advertise.
  • Conduct initial screen of resumes based on minimum requirements
    • Go ahead and reduce the amount of candidates to scrutinize by rejecting resumes that don’t have the required experience.
  • Get qualified candidates on the phone
    • The good ones on paper may not be so good, and the lackluster resumes may knock your socks off.
    • Regardless of whether you believe they may ultimately be the one you hire, give them the benefit of the doubt by talking to them on the phone.
  • Give qualified candidates that have passed your phone interview a task to complete
    • Before investing to much interest in a prospective employee, let candidates prove their interest and work ethic by showing up on time and completing a task; whether it be completing a paper application, or showing up for an interview.
    • Your pool will definitely shrink down to the good ones once all the no-shows and poor performers show themselves.

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