In recruiting, even the best of us are getting sick of being ghosted by candidates! Below are some top reasons from the American Staffing Association about why we get “ghosted” by candidates, and suggestions on how we can improve!

  1. “Fishing from a fished-out pool”

The most popular job boards for candidates, are also the most popular for employers. The candidate you contacted is constantly distracted by several other job offers. Make sure your company has individualized job boards on your website or on social media to get individuals more focused on you.


  1. “You’re too slow”

Traditionally the intervals between application review processes, phone interviews, in-person interviews, and follow-up interviews was measured in days, or sometimes even weeks.

The modern job seeker is clicking from job to job in seconds, we need to make sure we have internal processes to reach out to candidates very quickly after their initial contact and move on our chosen candidates as fast as professionally possible.

  1. “They’re just not motivated”

If this is a candidate with a resume that looks like a good fit; don’t just process them, recruit them! Ask for further information about their career goals, and give back motivation regarding the incentives of the particular position.

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