At Tiger Labor & Staffing, we have continued to successfully support our clients throughout the national staffing shortage. Below are a few tips to increase productivity during this unique time.

1. Prioritize your assignments
Examine your assignments and categorize activities as high, medium, or low priority. Start with the high-priority activities. Next, tackle medium-priority duties. Many low-priority activities can be delegated to new or non-skilled personnel.
2. Be a team player
Make a rule that no one can sit until everyone can sit. If you finish your work before others, pitch in. Teamwork creates bonds between co-workers, makes difficult situations tolerable, and enhances productivity.
3. Communicate effectively—and nicely
Communicate clearly so that everyone knows the plan for surviving the staff shortage. Safeguard the feelings and dignity of all team members. Assess your own communication style: Do you ever speak in a demeaning or condescending way when you’re stressed?
4. Ensure everyone is okay
During each shift, try to make sure everyone is taking their breaks, even if only briefly. If they can’t leave the office, they can at least take a moment for themselves in the break room. To stave off burnout, eat a balanced diet and get enough rest and exercise. “Working through lunch” may seem heroic, but without a good break, your employees won’t be worth much.
5. Call Tiger Labor & Staffing!
Tiger Labor & Staffing can assist by providing flexible as-needed, to-fit, staffing help. Don’t let this temporary staffing shortage define your company. Give us a call today for a free consultation to discuss how we can help.

Get in touch and get to work.