Crafting a good job posting, sorting through the sheer volume of applications, hiring the best fit, completing their onboarding and training; these steps should produce results, but how much effort are we putting into the actual interview process? Properly preparing and conducting (or improperly) can have a drastic effect on your hiring outcomes.

  1. Preparation

Just like a candidate preparing for an interview, the company needs to prepare just as much. This includes knowing what you are evaluating each candidate on. Review their application and highlight parts that you want to zero in on or delve into.

  1. Have some pre-written questions

Recruiters report often facing the dilemma of not getting the candidate to tell enough about themselves and/or their skills. If so, it wasn’t the applicant’s fault, but the lack of good probing questions that failed to garner the necessary information.

  1. Don’t watch the clock

What would you think if applicant sped through the interview because they had another job interview to be at or another appointment to attend to? The same etiquette applies to the interviewer, make sure you’ve allotted enough time to properly screen them for the aptitude and skills you require.

  1. Two heads are better than one

Having at least one other person in on the interview can be invaluable. Have another person you’re your office and/or an HR professional to sit in on the interview. You will benefit from the different perceptions and interpretations each person has of the same candidate.

  1. Listen up

The most successful way to assess a candidate for a job is to allow them to do the talking.  Be ok with silence, let them fill the gaps. That’s often when they will volunteer information that is gold.

An interview can only be as successful as the ability of the hiring manager conducting the interview to glean the information necessary to make an informed decision. Hopefully these tips will help keep on the right track to bringing on next successful team member!

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