The damage resulting from a bad hire include: wasted time, decreased staff morale and productivity, and increased stress on that person’s manager.

To help avoid making a bad hire, keep the following advice in mind:

Ground yourself to the hiring criteria.
Think of your original criteria and your framework. Basically, that’s what should keep you in-bounds through your resume review process. Anchoring yourself to the hiring criteria helps prevent two of the most common pitfalls during the selection process for hiring:

Imbalanced: Becoming so enraptured by one particular aspect of a candidate — such as a particular credential or technical skill — that you allow that aspect to influence all your other judgments

Pure instinct: Hiring someone that reminds you of yourself, even if that candidate’s particular group of skills and abilities might not suit your open position.

​Of course, you have the option to adjust the hiring criteria at any point. But make sure you aren’t doing so simply to accommodate a specific candidate.

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