Employer Testimonials

Jake’s Plumbing

When I opened Jake’s plumbing, I was completely on my own with no employees. I didn’t need help on every job, but many jobs weren’t able to be done by one person. I was unable to hire employees due to payroll and insurance costs. I was able to grow my business using labor from Tiger Labor & Staffing. They took care of the scheduling, payroll, and insurance paperwork and requirements. I eventually ended up hiring a permanent employee from them. Robert and his staff are always great about scheduling. I’ve had occasions where I was only able to give notice the night before and still had a worker show up at 7 or 8 the next morning. Although our company has grown to employ multiple plumbers and apprentices, we still utilize Tiger Labor & Staffing when we find ourselves shorthanded or need to complete a job faster.

Terminal Transfer

Tiger Labor has really come to my rescue these past few months even when I called them at the last minute. They are always accommodating. Can’t say enough about Ashley and Brittany and how easy they are to work with and always there to get it done, even when I have to change things in the middle of the day. We here at Terminal Transfer look forward to working with Tiger as long as possible. They are a great group of people, and the employees they send are always willing to do whatever is necessary for the job. Tiger Labor is a great company to work with.