Tiger Labor &Staffing, Inc.

Why Use Tiger Labor & Staffing?
In today’s business climate, companies have no choice but to make difficult decisions concerning their employees. Often this is your largest expense and, simultaneously, your greatest asset. Employment costs such as insurance, healthcare, taxes, and benefits are increasing at a high rate and at the same time companies are under great pressure to do more with less. Tiger Labor &  Staffing will help manage your staffing costs, maintain your productivity, and provide flexible, responsive customer service to your every need.

We Lower Your Bottom Line
Workers comp, unemployment, social security, healthcare, and other staffing costs continue to increase each year. Tiger Labor & Staffing can help:

  • Provide workers for peak workloads and special projects without increasing payroll costs.
  • Reduce overtime labor costs by allowing temporary employees provided by Tiger Labor & Staffing to work the extra hours.
  • Assume responsibility for your workers by covering all payroll expenses such as unemployment, taxes, benefits, and more.

We Lower Your Risks

Hiring employees who don’t fit your needs or company’s mission leads to wasted time, effort, and money. Tiger Labor & Staffing can help, by providing:

  • Temp-to-hire options that allow businesses to try out new employees.
  • Temporary help during peak periods, assisting with absenteeism and worker’s compensation claims.
  • Day-to-day workload assistance, allowing you to run “lean” and help to avoid layoffs.

We Save You Time & Maximize Productivity

We advertise, screen, interview, assess skills, drug screen, and reference check to prepare potential employees; providing you with the talent and necessary information to maximize the hiring process. Because we do an extensive pre-employment screening for needed skills, less training is needed prior to beginning work, and once hired we take care of the employee’s payroll and benefit administration.

  • Full Service Staffing Agencyserving Baton Rouge & Surrounding area's.
  • Available 24/7
  • Skilled & Unskilled Laborers
  • Payroll Services
  • Candidate Screening
  • Recruiting services
  • Drug Screen
  • Background Check

Tiger Labor & Staffing is a Baton Rouge, locally owned and operated Staffing Agency, having years of experience here in the Capital City area. Our hands-on approach allows our staff to provide you and your business with the personal attention you desire and deserve.

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